The OPEN DRIVE card is designed for companies that have car fleets and are looking for a way to conveniently and quickly clear the costs associated with travel in Poland and abroad.

In Central and Eastern Europe
Cashless refuelling using the OPEN DRIVE card is possible at over 2,500 petrol stations in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

Cash-free and easy
In order to simplify accounting procedures, all transactions executed using the OPEN DRIVE card will be placed on a single invoice from a given country. It is also possible to choose the payment currency for foreign transactions, ie PLN or EUR.

Tailor-made packages
One of the Purchasing Categories below can be assigned to an OPEN DRIVE card and the amount of the daily limit value of products purchased can be individually determined.

VAT refund
It is possible to refund VAT on foreign transactions on attractive terms.

On-line management
OPEN DRIVE card holders are provided with convenient and secure on-line management of customer accounts. Via our personalized web site, customers can order new cards, block cards if necessary, alter the daily limit value and inspect the actual details of expenditures.